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Heritage Hotels in Bundi

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Heritage Hotels

 Bundi Haveli
 Bundi Vilas
 Dev Niwas
 Haveli Braj Bhushanjee
 Ishwari Niwas
 Nai Haveli
 Nawal Sagar Palace

Deluxe Hotels in Bundi

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Deluxe Hotels

 Hadoti Palace
 Umaid Bagh Resorts

Economy Hotels in Bundi

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Economy Hotels

 Pratapgarh Haveli
 RTDC Hotel Vrindawati


Bundi just 36 km from Kota is a tiny picturesque town. One of the unexplored cities with a rich historical wealth. Once a part of Kota, it was ruled by the Had Chauhans - a offshoots of the famous Chauhan clan who ruled Delhi and Ajmer. In 1193 AD when Prithvi Raj Chauhan was defeated by Sultan Mohammed Gauri, some Chauhan nobles seeked shelter in Mewar and became allied to the Rana while other young warriors moved towards the Chambal valley and overpowered the Meena and Bhil tribals - thus establishing their own kingdom of Hadoti. Later, two branches of Hadas formed tow separate states of Kota and Bundi, on either side of the River Chambal. Bundi is surrounded by the Aravalli hills on the three sides and is circumscribed by a massive wall with four gateways. Interesting monuments including impressive medieval forts, palaces, havelis, temples with beautiful stone idols and chattris with carved pillars, along with a picturesque lake in the heart of the town, add to its charm. Bundi is very famous for its intricate carvings and murals.
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